The spectacular designs of the cars, from our gallery, belong to the 3D Modeling of some of the vehicles that we will bring next in our first NFT car competition video game. Our idea is to show, sell and market with the car designs that our team specializes in designing, modeling and programming, we take their talent to develop, capture and play in our first Fast Lap Car Competition video game. All the designs in our gallery are inspired by a licensed design that you see on the streets, our designs have a use authorization since they are exclusive designs of our company Desincryp.


The fiercest tracks, with sharp curves, shortcuts and obstacles to avoid, belong to our idea of racing, it’s not just a simple takeoff, it’s a track, it’s knowing that you have control of the track, it’s knowing and understanding that the Control of your vehicle is in your hands. Taking off from 0-100 in 2.3 seconds in a hyper-Sport, does not make you the fastest, knowing how to take a curve, and making others bite the dust of your tires, is the idea of giving the Fastest Lap, in one of our circuits and become a winner. Live the greatest adrenaline of your life on our tracks, with exclusive Desincryp designs, with cars from our teams, and win prizes and monetize your time in Fast Lap

Pit Key Details

No additional downloads

Without additional downloads, you will only download our application to play from your Android and our Wallet, for those who would like to manage their account from their mobile, you should not download
nothing additional outside of our project. 

No Subscription

As our first NFT Quick Spin video game comes out to the public, with all its fixes,
We will leave a free version on the web, with which you can play and feel the adrenaline with your
family and friends, racing vehicles from the Desincryp and Bstarll teams, to compete in the
more adrenaline circuits, the tracks will not be on the islands but in Beijing capital of China.

No high commission costs

When swapping our internal currency for Token or a stablecoin, a commission is charged
drops almost imperceptibly, even if you want to send internal currency to another user or pay from
our Wallet to another user, the commission is imperceptible, you can look at the table of commissions at
end of the White Paper menu option; commissions.