Video game history

Shinjuku Island, is a flying island that was financed by the six (6) wealthiest teams on planet earth, since the beginning of the pandemic in 2019, they held a meeting called "The Asakura", they planned to finance the project "Vuelta Quick”. It is about seeing how the most talented characters of the 21st century from all the show business and artistic medium, compete on a flying island, that once on it, it only remains to do the fastest lap, reach the first place to obtain more rewards and achieve that the island remains in Orbit, thus humanity is saved and they preserve their memories and experiences from when they were human.

Humanoids are Robots, with the silhouettes of celebrities, sports leaders, politicians, singers, and others, at the Asakura meeting, the 6 teams made the decision to pursue, capture and program in Robots, memories and experiences of the most talented people of the 21st century, they created an Island with propellers, on it they created circuits with race tracks, bridges, hangars, gasoline pumps and a whole city on it.

The Shinjuku Islands are flying islands, which work with propulsion engines that keep them in orbit, this is located on the capital of the most populous city on the planet, China, if this Island collapses, it would cause a great catastrophe, no only in that area of ​​the planet but in the entire world.

Shinjuku, is kept in orbit by solar panels that provide continuous power to the thrusters, and the fuel must be sustained by the humanoids, who have the task of providing fuel to "EL Ávila" The great mountain is a huge fuel container , with which the propellants are fed.

On May 06, 2058, the Islands were inaugurated, housing a population of only 600 humanoids and 600 Vehicles, which will compete among themselves until the next arrival of Humanoids to the Shinjuku Islands, which will arrive 1,200 humanoids and 1,200 more vehicles will be placed, to the third arrival will be 6,000 Humanoids and 10,000 vehicles, the fourth and fifth arrivals will have the same number of talented humanoids and vehicles.

In order to stay alive in the Shinjuku Flying Islands, the humanoids (Drivers) must compete with their vehicles in the dangerous circuits that surround the 12,000 square kilometers of the islands, by running faster than the other humanoids (users) they obtain coins and rewards, these are used to be able to maintain your vehicles, customize them and thus obtain more rewards.

Keeping the vehicles at the top of their performance is a job that takes dedication and commitment, doing the Fastest lap and claiming the reward coins, which the circuit itself gives to the winners, is a job that everyone wants to achieve.

Humanoids are the souls of the most talented humans of the 21st century that were encapsulated in memories and then programmed into robots, so humanity would never lose the joy of enjoying the talent of these humans, we owe this work to the 6 most successful teams ambitious and wealthy from planet earth who planned it at the "Asakura" meeting.

The circuits of the islands have different levels, from a basic level for beginners to a very high level that requires speed and skill at the wheel, the more they win, the more demanding the race becomes and the more rewards they will earn by giving the Vuelta More Quick.

Video game genre

Quick Lap, is an NFT video game, which will have the particularity of generating income for those who compete and take their time to compete, develop skills, discover weak points of the tracks and obtain rewards from the video game.

You must make a minimum viable investment, either to rent a vehicle, and share your profits with the owner of the vehicle, or to purchase your own vehicle, and compete on the Shinjuku Island tracks.

Game play

When you start the race and place the vehicle at the starting mark, your vehicle will connect by audio with the other 4 users who will compete against you, accessing the internet from your microphone and headset, creating interaction between the participants, either for indicate tricks or warning of paths to take.

Game Mechanics

When accessing our game website, you create an account, choose your Humanoid with which your Wallet (account) will be linked, choose the option of your choice (Rent Vehicle or Buy Vehicle) the user who rents a vehicle, must take the The tenant who pays the best % of his workers, must fill the gas tank, check the tires and try to give the Fastest Lap.

If the option of your preference was the second, you will be the owner of your vehicle, this will allow you to have 100% of your earnings.

To be a Vehicle Renter, you must have at least 4 vehicles in your Wallet or Garage, create your account as a renter and offer a % to whoever wants to play to win coins.

If your option is to rent a vehicle, create an account as a lessee, agree to the payment method used by the lessor, fill out a form to guarantee the agreement and run.

You must consider that: the vehicles spend 6 liters of gasoline per lap, and the tires wear out every 9 races, among the prizes there are; Gasoline and Tires.


The Vehicles shown here are of our inspiration, only a few designs are taken from real life, but mostly designed by our associated company BastarII Design C.A, directed by a creative Venezuelan who, under his brand, provided us with the designs that you now use. , circuits, and Shinjuku Islands, designed by… everything has a futuristic and innovative design that resembles reality and causes a great impact among its users, providing excellent designs so that users have a better experience, extraordinary landscapes and a very detailed finish in our designs.

NFT vehicles


Jericó 2J

The Jericho 2J, from the DESINCRYP Automotive Escudería, is a Sport vehicle, which is classified as a Pony Car, with a rear-mounted engine, two doors, and rear-wheel drive, making the car a Monster on the track.

This Muscle Car, inspired by the Chevrolet Camara ZL, makes it unbeatable since it has an aerodynamic design that allows greater displacement on the road, the front design made of Carbon Fiber, makes it have better and greater definition in the curves, while having this type of Spoiler, in addition, the air trap on the sides makes it faster, taking advantage of the strong air ragas produced by the 295Km of speed caused by this true Monster.

At the rear we find a spectacular carbon fiber spoiler, which keeps the vehicle clinging to the track at high speed, Under the rear door of the Jericho 2J, we find a 6.2 Lt V8 engine, supercharged by a compressor, 10 Speeds developed by its gearbox, a true Monster of the track is unleashed, surely many will see its spectacular Rear Led Lights.

Its name Jericho is due to the fact that the Bible tells the story of a prophet who, having faith, made God shake the earth in Jericho, mocking the False Prophets, the 2J is awarded to Juan Manuel and Juan Luis, to whom we deserve this beautiful example of Beauty and Speed.

Graphic Table.
Maximum speed Seconds 0-100 Classification
Jericó 2J 295 KM 3 Sport

Sparta PR1000.

It is a Sport vehicle, exclusively designed for the DESINCRYP Racing Team, inspired by the Mustang GT500KR, our design has 4 doors thinking about the company that can be had to enjoy the tracks, it is a light vehicle, it also has stabilizer bars, which guarantee the stability of the vehicle, its main attraction is its aggressive front made of carbon fiber, and an aerodynamic design that guarantees road holding, an air gulper on the hood that allows the engine to stay cool, the wheels of the Sparta PR1000 are 20 Inches allowing better ride on the road, each line of our design is placed so that our car stays on the track.

Regarding the Sparta PR1000 technical revisions, adaptive suspension calibrated under high standards of the automotive industry, a 5.2-liter Supercharged V8 Super Engine and turbo included with a 4 HP compressor, an intercooler that guarantees the entry of cold air to the engine, intake and exhaust that help produce discrete nothing: 986.39 HP of power.

It is impossible to listen to the roar of the engine and not turn to look at the Sparta PR1000 (Prince of the roads) its name is due to the fact that, in ancient times, in all of Europe the best gladiators in the coliseum were those of Sparta, and this vehicle is a great fighter. The acronym ¨PR¨ is due to the abbreviation of: Prince of Roads (Prince of the roads).

Graphic Table.
Maximum speed Seconds 0-100 Classification
Sparta PR1000 285 KM 3,3 Sport


The Bstarll team worked hard on the design of this vehicle, The NSX+ SPORT, has an aerodynamic design that provides its driver with: safety, comfort and grip on the tracks, its front made of carbon fiber to make it lighter, more resistant to the force that is generated by this true clothing.

This vehicle was designed for speed, for the demands on the tracks, this Pony Car, inspired by the Acura NSX of the Honda company, first cousin of the Jericho 2J, has huge 18-inch tires, decorative magnesium wheels, two side doors, leather upholstery, very well designed mirrors that give visibility to keep distance between its rivals, the NSX+ SPORT has side spoilers to guarantee grip on the front wheels, and one spoiler very well located in the rear that keep the vehicle on the road.

Under the rear trunk, it has a huge 5.5 liter V6 biturbo supercharged engine, with a 4.2 compressor, an intercooler that guarantees the intake of cold air to the engine, to ensure its best performance on the track.

Its attractive design makes it worthy of this first arrival on the island, and compete against the other cars that try to make the fastest lap and make the Teki (enemies/Japanese) bite the dust.

Graphic Table.
Maximum speed Seconds 0-100 Classification
NSX+ SPORT 300 KM 2,9 Sport
What is a team?

A team is a closed club of drivers, mechanics and engineers, which; getting license prepare their vehicles to compete in the most adrenaline circuits of the Island Shinjuku. The six (6) main teams are responsible for placing in the Marketplace, the different vehicles, which will be used throughout the video game, from the Classics, Pony Car, Electric, rustic, among others. Each team has its line of vehicle. When acquiring a classic vehicle, you belong to a team, due to place certain accessories such as: Spoiler or swallow air, the vehicle becomes part of said team. The six (6) main teams offer their members a % of internal currency obtained by the races, the condition is to run a minimum of 5 Laps and win 3 per day, throughout the month, and on the last Friday of each month distribute equally, to all pilots the amount of 65% of the internal Currency wallet.

Would you like to have your own team?

You follow our accounts and know the requirements to have your team, inside the video play.

Team Desincryp.

  The Desincryp team are responsible for promoting the development of Shinjuku Island, they were the designers of the propellants that keep the island floating, they are also responsible for the ASAKURA meeting, they keep all the capital raised, all the The capital raised by the internal sales of this Team is injected into the capital of the external Token of the video game. This is the first team responsible for the fact that there are vehicles to play for the beta version, they are responsible for manufacturing the first vehicles that will run the tracks of the Vuelta Rapida video game

Team Bstarll

  This other team is responsible for designing and modeling the first vehicles that are used to test that the track of the first Flying Island works in its entirety, the vehicles of this team are optimal, without failures and high dexterity on the track. Together with its commercial partners Desincryp, the Bstarll Racing Team, has the responsibility of providing the market with the largest number of vehicles, to test the tracks of the beta version.

Team Pistón Cars

This team is in charge of customizing vehicles, giving them a better finish. The most tuned vehicles on the market are found here. Classic vehicles that were bought at least one piece to customize, paint, outline or others are housed here. The Piston Cars team is known for giving style to a simple vehicle, even if it is a Wolvagen or Nova or a Charge, when you buy a part you already belong to the Piston Cars team

Team Paonix Motors.

The Escudería Paonix, contains in itself all the electric vehicles, even if they are Tuned, it is a promoter of all the electric vehicles that are found in the Islands.

Team Machine Power.

Luxor vehicles and trucks are sponsored by this team, it is the best in the customization and maintenance of rustic cars, to maneuver in the city or aggressive terrain. Machine Power, has a high level of competitiveness, no matter how fast the sports or hyper-sports are, these vehicles have a high level of take-off and cornering grip.

Team Livana Motors.

The Escudería Livana Motors, preserves in it the designs of the trucks, that were part of this spectacular NFT video game. They are just delicate and very well detailed designs, but on the tracks, they retain the fiercest engines all the circuits, ever, none of the trucks, is easy on their engines, all trucks strive to retain the records, when racing against a vehicle from this team, you have to be brave and have real dexterity in the controls, since the team, Team Livana Motors, dedicates time to the engines and these are very powerful. Its name is due to a Hebrew name that its meaning is: The most beautiful, the Escudería Livana Motors, belongs to a woman, and later We will reveal her name. Remember, if you see the logo of this team on your screen, remember to never let go throttle, if you do, you'll eat dust.

What is a company?

A company, a natural person, a community, or a company that, through an investment (purchase of vehicles and reproduction of models) offers a less wealthy group, the use of vehicles to race on the tracks and win races, through the same, the Companies earn money, depending on the arrival in the winners table.

Each company offers its players a profit for buying their vehicles and winning races in the most adrenaline circuits of Shinjuku Island, the Workers would earn points, gasoline and VR, while company directors earn Points and VR.

Conditions of some of the Racing Teams.

Desincryp team.

To create a company within the Desincryp team, you will donate 15% of the DSP account obtained by the winners from the monthly purse, and 5% of the VR account obtained by the winners in the monthly purse, you must maintain an account of one thousand (1,000) DSP in your account to be able to withdraw 85% of the DSP and the rest of the VR, in addition to acquiring a minimum of 2 lines of vehicles and a total of 50 units per line

Bstarll team.

The Bstarll Racing Team asks for the donation of 12% of the monthly bag, obtained by the winners in DSP and 8% of the bag in VR obtained by the winners of the races, it also requires that each company has its own vehicle and 75 units of its own. production line, and get the amount of 750 DSP in your permanent account to withdraw your earnings.

Piston Cars team.

The Piston Cars Team asks for a donation of 20% of the DSP of the monthly bag, obtained by the winners of the races and 7% of VR of the monthly bag obtained by the winners of the races, buy 3 vehicle designs and have 25 units per designs, from your company, plus have 500 DSP in your permanent account to withdraw your earnings.

Paonix Motors team.

Escudería Paonix asks for the donation of 20% of the Monthly DSP Purse, obtained by the winners of the races, and 5% of the monthly VR purse obtained by the winners of the races, it also asks the companies for a total of 2 Vehicles and 30 units per vehicle, and a total of 300 permanent DSP in your account to be able to withdraw your earnings.

Machine Power team.

The Machine Power Team asks for the donation of 13% of the monthly DSP bag, obtained by the winners of the races and 5% of the monthly VR bag, obtained by the winners of the races, they also ask that the companies have 3 Vehicles and minimum 15 units per vehicle, plus 500 DSP to withdraw your earnings.

Livana Motors team.

The Escudería Livana Motors, asks the adhered companies for 12% of the monthly DSP Purse, obtained by the winners of the races and 8% of the monthly VR Purse, obtained by the winners of the races, it also requests that each company must have 3 car lines and 50 units per vehicle, and have 500 permanent DSPs in your account to withdraw your earnings.

Prices of sending to design and model a vehicle.

 Price in USDT

Price table of car units.

 Price in USDT
classics5 C/U
Sport7 C/U
Hipersport9 C/U
Crossover7 C/U
Van10 C/U

Video Game Stages

Stage 1. Vehicle, Island and Track Designs.
Stage 2. Formation and structuring of the economic ecosystem.
Stage 3. Web launch and network advertising.
Stage 4. Design of Keys (Collection) NFT´S
Stage 5. Presentation and Minteo First Keys (collection) NFT´S
Stage 6. Sale of cars for the game.
Stage 7. Mini-Game with access for 60 People
Stage 7. Private Presale of Token Capital to raise $12,500
Stage 8. Mini-game fixes.
Stage 9. Launch of the Video Game.
Stage 9.1 Update.
Stage 9.2 Update.
Stage 9.3 Update.
Stage 9.4 Update.
Stage 9.5 Update. Play.